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 The LRS team is happy to announce it!

It all started in 2007, one day flipping through an encyclopedia , illustration of an astronaut on a spacewalk, caught my eye . It was the legendary Apollo 11 mission 🇺🇸the astronaut wore the Apollo suit 

The primary goal that we aim for, is one day to be able to don our own spacesuits, the generations that follow will learn it in the history of space ,whose mission is to contribute to the space industry, we will continue to disseminate space science through the school under the slogan space for everyone.

Always aiming at the sky, lways perfect towards infinity- LRS Inc , this day of the 50 th anniversary of the mythical moon landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as the launch day of our official website: LRSCOM.COM☑️

Let's all celebrate this exceptional day together ,A small step for man, a giant leap for humanity 

   Asp As Mo 
                                       Owner and Founder                               



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