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The Space Conquest from the 20th to the 21st century!

The history of the space conquest will testify, this is what our witnesses and the teachers will say, this is what our future descendants will know, understand and read, on the history of space in the 20th century view of their precursors (the ancient inhabitants of the earth, We currently)

The next generations will know how the whole story began, in the era when we did not observe too many color contrasts before even the appearance of televisions, and color images, until these days.

In this chronicle we will talk about all the facts that have marked the history of space, and which especially contributed to its advancement, including all space expeditions, the race to space, as well as outings extravehicular carried out during all this period, the possible and future manned and unmanned missions planned for the future, tests, scientific experiments, all the news, memories and sayings, to finally be the generation that will perhaps leave a story on a unknown exoplanet, for other generations of our existence. 

The notions of infinity

Chaos, huygens principles, doppler effect, bernoulli principle, Archimedes, thermodynamics, dark matter, electromagnetism, entropy and enthalpy, waves, matter, chemical elements, isotopes, ions and laser are concepts that can be seen everywhere, and that we hear them every time a specialist intervenes, with the help of this section nothing will escape you in the future, you are related to this infinite world, you are the only notion capable of listing the notions and classifying them , we promise you nothing, except that you will find the notion of beauty.

The notions of infinity 1: Theory of chaos and butterfly effect

Natural will

In this section, we will contemplate and list all the natural phenomena that govern the world (the parameters), see also their scientific explanations, and their influences on the evolution of our planet from time T0 recognized by the big bang which describes the origin. of the evolution of the universe.

Natural will 1

Witnesses to advancement!

This section will include all the instruments that have allowed the development, and which are the work of art of man, the cutting edge, the culmination of his efforts and his research and that without them, humans would not be never where it is today.

Witnesses to advancement 1

The prophecy of the quantification of nature, through the messengers of science

The earth, nature, our cradle - Grasping everything that consists of it is a task described as infinite, we find across generations of message carriers, which I name them in - Final Perfection - the prophets and messengers of science, better known under the name of the scientists, it is them that the majority of the world regard them as the only ones being able to write what, nature attributed to him as history, which every day contributes to the discovery, the advanced of science understanding the world, the laws that govern it, and making our world our present world and understanding it by quantifying its nature in theorems and theories.

these scientists draw inspiration from their atmospheres and surroundings, and deduce precious notes which are always the keys to development and human consciousness, thus quantifying nature and serving the population.

The prophecy of the quantification of nature, through the messengers of science 1

Travel with me

Embark with us in the imagination, in dreams, in reality, these dreams represent your world, the dream, the night in bed promise things that we do not tend to meet them frequently, sometimes surreal, we invite you to discover your Solar System universe and more ... in a dream that everyone wants to live one day.

Travel with me 1


Human beings have always believed in flight, believed in the ability to glide and see from above, the history of aviation, is an inspiring story in which humans have again proven their existence by leaving their mark. and solving a complex, and superhuman riddle and being able to fly the sky.

Aeronautics 1

90° Attentive , 270° Owl Horizon !

Child entertainment and entertainment

Various subjects for educational and entertainment purposes in the program, we will talk about everything, for an excellent moment of learning, relaxation and relaxation.

Thanks to the aspirants and deans of the LRS project !
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